30 مهر 1401

Kraft paper

Kraft paper Was invented in 1879 by an individual named Carl Dahl. He chose to give his newly created paper the name “kraft” – the German […]
30 مهر 1401

History of Paper

History of Paper Paper is a thin nonwoven material traditionally made from a combination of milled plant and textile fibres. The first paper-like plant-based writing sheet […]
17 اردیبهشت 1401

Corrugated fiberboard

Corrugated fiberboard Corrugated fiberboard is a material consisting of a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. It is made on “flute lamination machines” […]
10 اردیبهشت 1401

Writing papers

Writing Papers Typically, Writing papers are offered in a variety of whites and off-whites, with textures ranging from smooth to embossed. Our papers are made from […]